ROLE: Animation          CLIENT: Perspective Collective

In 2019, I began working closely with Scotty Russell, host/creator of the Perspective Collective Podcast, to add some flare to his weekly video podcast. This animation is the intro to set up the purpose of the podcast and to introduce Scotty’s guest that week, in this case is was Scott Biersack YoubringfireI wanted to give this illustration Imir of Fourfathers Group a sense of flying through space, but still match the flat 2D look.

Since this was to be used for a weekly podcast, I needed to create a way for the editor Colton Bachar to be able to adjust the title screen text at the end of the intro, with out having to open After Effects. I used the new essential graphic panel to export a MOGRT file from Ae to then be used to edit the text in Premiere. This was the perfect fix to keep render times down, and give complete control to the editor moving forward.